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  • Food Drive 2009

    Hi Folks, It's that time of the year when we turn our attention to food and driving, "Food Drive" The date for the King 5 - Northwest Harvest food drive is December 5th 2009. The meeting place / weigh in will be at Gerber Collision & Glass in Bellevue. "Same place as last year"
    The plan is to meet at 8am for the weigh in and leave around 8:45ish.
    We are still planning 3 stops along the way so remember a bag or two per stop. Then to top it off we will go to a new place for lunch.
    Now for the topper, shine up the minis and show up in numbers. I have been in contact with Evening Magazine and either Evening Magazine or King 5 would be interested in doing a story about our car club and our participation in the food drive.

    The address is
    Gerber Collision & Glass
    13640 ne 16th
    Bellevue, Wa.98005

    ps. The first year we had about 1000 pounds and the second year was 1200 pounds....

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    Wow, at 1200 pounds, that's 1968 Dollars!!

    I 'll come with out the wife and kid to fit more food!!

    Eeek, 8 am in Bellevue,....hmm have to get the early ferry.
    It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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      Excellent work, Tim, thanks for setting this up.

      This is a very good cause. I'm gonna do my best to do this run, and encourage everyone else to do so also.

      Best regards,
      All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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        Can we start a head count as to how many people will be going on the "Food drive" so I can let the people know how many to expect for lunch.
        Thanks much


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          Snow or Baby.

          I'm in, provided it doesn't snow or if my daughter is giving birth (Dec. 5th is her due date). She will most likely be at least a week early, I think, so count me in.
          It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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            Count us in!

            1972 Austin 1300GT - Mean Mr. Mustard
            1963 Riley Elf MkII - Baba O


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              One car. Two people. Wouldn't miss it.
              The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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                coming,: 1 Car, 2 people.


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                  One car, two people


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                    Count me in (1 car 1 person)
                    British eyes... only


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                      Marian and I will join in too.


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                        First of all, This club "Rocks"! At the end of last week I was beginning to think it was going to be "72 Norty" and Patti and me going on this years food drive. Then everyone started posting that they would be coming, and to top it off at last nights meeting Don Dixon suggested the club should donate a check to Northwest Harvest. That was an unexpected surprise and thank you to all the club members that made this possible.
                        This year Patti and I will be giving out a prize for the most weight and a friend who has an auto repair shop in Bellevue has also donated a gift too!
                        We look forward to seeing you all on the 5th of December for the King 5 / Northwest Harvest food drive.

                        Tim & Patti Boyd


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                          hay Tim, put me for two to attend as well.
                          "remember, in this country, they drive on the wrong side of the road"
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                            One for sure, or possibly two to attend; I'll have to wait and see.

                            I too am proud that our club has chosen to donate to such worthy cause, and always enjoy knowing that our club is doing good for charities each year during the Christmas holiday season.

                            Best regards,
                            All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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                              Wouldn't miss this event unless we were forced to, great cause, fun drive, good people.
                              Actually looking forward to driving a Mini for the first time (for me) at this event. Figure at least one body, hopefully two.
                              Not sure yet but I think we have an event again later in the afternoon that prevents us from doing the lunch after, but maybe you can hold a place for two until we can solidify our plans.
                              Jerry C
                              Jerry C
                              "You drive...I think there's something wrong with me"