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Photos from Japan (mini's!) - add to flickr please?!

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  • Photos from Japan (mini's!) - add to flickr please?!

    These are a set of photo's from our trip to Japan, and only the part that we think the club will find most interesting. The mini shop called delta-mini, which has a very impressive lineup of cars for sale, as well as an amazing selection of parts. Which i have a contact over there now if anyone is looking for a particular part. let me know!

    -Tim and Cher

    download the pack of 47 photos here.

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    Great photos, Tim! What an amazing shop! Were part prices comparable to US prices? How much was that red KAD 16V car going for?


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      Great photos. Wish we had a shop like that close to home. It is amazing the following the Mini has in Japan.

      The last photo, No. 457 of a Toyota 2000. That Toyota has to be the most striking bodied Japanese car ever made. Shame they never made them in large numbers and export to the states like the 240z.


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        These are the cars they have for sale...and the KAD 16v is about 2.5million yen or about 25,000 usd.

        there are some super crazy expensive MK2 and MK1 mini's at the end that are 6.5 million each!

        and those cars reallly are amazing. by far the cleanest i've ever seen.


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          Yeah, truly a candy store. Why can't Fred Meyer carry Speedwell shift knobs?

          Very cool. Thanks for the photos, Tim.


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