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Short drive for small cars

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  • Short drive for small cars

    Got Pizza?

    Sunday the 10th.
    Meet at Pingry's, 89th and Roosevelt, at 10:00, and....
    Meet at Shilshole, boat launch parking lot, at 11:00, and....
    Meat at Mod Pizza, 60th and 15th Ave NW, at Noon.

    Do your chores later.


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    A big thank you to Don for organizing a meetup. 7 Mini's on a nice sunny afternoon. Looking forward to more members organizing some drives this year.


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      Here's how it works for me.

      When I dream up a drive for Marian and myself sometimes we just go! Other times I'll throw it out to the masses. If nobody shows up, GREAT! We still go for a drive, what fun. If 8 cars show up, GREAT! If 30 cars show up then volunteer some poor slob to lead half of them.
      Post your plans to those you know will go via text or email. Post em to this forum. Let Ed know so it will be on the blog. Post it on our Facebook page.
      Sunday's drive was just about perfect. Sunshine and likeminded knuckleheads. Eight cars on one days notice!