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Transmission Clinic hosted by Chris Miller

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  • Transmission Clinic hosted by Chris Miller

    The transmission clinic I mentioned at the Christmas meeting will be happening. I am going to host it on Saturday, January 5th at 9:00 A.M. at my garage and yes it is heated and warm. We will go over the history of the Mini transmission and how to identify what you have. This section will not go into the abundant minutia of the tranny, just the more common items and timeline from the start of manufacture. Thanks to Mr. Dixon throwing a con rod through the back of a 1128 all syncro remote this will be the demonstration box and I will strip it to pieces for all to see. Most of the techniques are applicable to all Mini boxes so there will be something for everyone. I will also disassemble the the Diff and if not to frustrated by this time, the Mainshaft also. If you have never seen the inside of a Mini tranny, this will be learning experience for you.

    I am located in Shoreline and my address is 15346 26th Ave. N.E. Phone 206 367 3932. [email protected]

    If you are planning on coming could you please contact me so I can have some idea of how many will I can expect.

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    I will be there. Thank Chris!
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      me too. watch out for those 3 little steel balls with the springs behind them....

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        My suggestion that Marian find another way to get to Sea-Tac on January 5 for her winter two week re-charge in Hawaii was not well received....I'll be late if not absent for the tranny clinic. Thank you Chris for putting this together!



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          What about" Uber" for change ??



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            I am hoping to make it to this clinic, should be a good one.
            Jerry C
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              This should be a very informative clinic and though possibly a bit late, I do plan to be there.


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                This is so exciting!

                Boss gave me the day off to attend.


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                  Elise, what a gal! You better do something extra special for her. A dinner of her choosing. Or how about finishing her car.

                  Chris Miller


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                    I’ll be there.
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                      Well, we did it. I think we had 20 people or so attend. Thanks to all of you and I hope everyone came away with a little more knowledge than what they had.

                      After I calmed down and warmed up I think things went smoothly. I was hoping to find a lot of worn parts and we certainly did. Worst syncros I have ever seen was the most notable to be sure.

                      A special shout out to Chuck and Kelly for being able to attend and bring more knowledge and perspective to the table. Thanks guys.

                      See everyone at the WES.
                      Chris Miller


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                        I wasn't able to attend, but this is exactly the type of activity that the club needs more of. Kudos, Chris.