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Thanks Peter (& Joan)

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  • Thanks Peter (& Joan)

    Thanks for another really fun trip to Vashon. We had a great time.

    While we were waiting at the dock, two different people came up to us and asked if we were part of the car show up at SBC. The second guy was a little upset that the "car show" wasn't publicised better!!! (we had to wonder if he got off the Island much.)

    Skip & Robin

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    Yes, thank you Peter and Joan, It was a great meeting! Really fun drive after the meeting and a very nice place to have lunch. It was like having our own car show at both places.



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      Indeed! What a great day! Thank you Peter and Joan for everything.

      1972 Austin 1300GT - Mean Mr. Mustard
      1963 Riley Elf MkII - Baba O


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        We had a good turn out. Seventeen Minis and the MG TF were there for the big photo, and two more Minis showed up later.

        And sitting on the deck of the bay at the Back Bay Inn was wonderful. They did a good job with the food and ordered up just the right weather.

        A lot of people missed out on a great event.
        The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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          thanks guys, was great to have you over.
          perhaps next year will have an add in the local paper
          "The beachcomber" to advertise this event, more spectators.
          The photographer larry, will send soon the pictures, then
          we put them in the web side for viewing and perhaps buying
          should be reasonable. I did not make any photos this year.


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            Mini total was 20 when John showed up mid-tour. John said when he was trying to find the tour, already in motion, all he had to do was watch the locals on the side of the road pointing "which way they went" !!

            1972 Austin 1300GT - Mean Mr. Mustard
            1963 Riley Elf MkII - Baba O