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Annual King 5 - NW Harvest Food Drive and Fun Run

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  • Annual King 5 - NW Harvest Food Drive and Fun Run

    It's that time again. The annual King 5-Northwest Harvest Food Drive will be taking place on Saturday, December 6. This will be SAMOA's 8th year participating, so let's go shopping!

    We will meet on the east side, make our food drop, go on a fun run, than enjoy a no-host lunch. As always, coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts will be provided.

    Please see the attached directions from SR520 to our starting point at Tim's work, then on to Redmond Town Center for our one food drop. There is some construction being done at the starting location, so please park on the east side of the shop building; look for other Minis. You can arrive any time after 8:00 am; we will be leaving at 9:00 so please don't be late. Please plan to pre-weigh your food and when you sign in, please enter the total weight of your food donation and if you are making any monetary donation.

    We will convoy to Redmond Town Center to make our donation drop, then Tim will lead us on a 2-1/2 hour fun run through the Carnation area (see attached directions), followed by lunch at Three Lions Pub on Redmond Ridge. There is a second attachment with the fun run directions.

    See you on December 6 after 8:00 am and don't forget your Mini!


    As always, Northwest Harvest needs all kinds of nonperishable items and monetary donations. They buy white rice and beans in bulk, so they encourage you to donate other items. Please select shelf-stable food with the lowest saturated fats and refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour). Some suggestions are:

    General food items:
    oatmeal, whole grain pastas, brown rice, tomato products, canned vegetables, canned fruit, especially with low sugar (but not artificial sweeteners), canned fish or meat, shelf-stable milk, beef stew, chili and similar meals with low sugar and saturated fats

    Infant and baby foods:
    baby formula, canned milk, infant cereal, jars of baby food, powdered or canned milk; they also accept baby diapers
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    Did I miss something? Exactly where on the east side do we meet? Never mind, after reading the post, the meeting point is to be announced.


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      Are we just making the one stop for our donation drop? In past years we used to make 3 different drop locations, but I've missed that past couple years for this drive, so maybe things have changed since I've last participated?! Either way, I'm good with it, just curious.


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        Check out the updates to Noreen's post at the top of the thread.
        Additional info and map for morning meeting point.
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          For those that are unable to view the document because login credentials have not been issued the meeting address starting at 8:00 and leaving from here by 9:00 is:

          13640 NE 16th St, Bellevue, WA 98005


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            Please take note! Meet at the "EAST" end the building! The west end is where the office is and is under remodel and they won't be able to direct you. So EAST end of the building and enter through the walk through door to the right of the large roll up door.



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              If anyone attending will be passing near my house on the way to the meeting place, would you have time to stop and pick up my donation? I won't be able to attend this year.
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                FINAL RESULTS:
                17 people rallied at the meeting site and enjoyed coffee, donuts, and scintillating conversation. Weather probably kept the numbers low this year, but we still collected 329.4 lbs. of food and $320.00. Dan Berglund won the prize for the most donated.

                12 people in 9 Minis then went on to the NW Harvest drop site in Redmond where Brian Slominski gave an awesome live interview to King 5 speaking eloquently about SAMOA and handing over the $500.00 check from the club.

                We then went on a 2-1/2 hour fun run followed by lunch at the Three Lions Pub.

                Thanx to all who participated in this truly enjoyable event.