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  • Dyno Day Results Discussion

    Here are the figures from yesterday's Dyno Day. They are maximum figures only and don't show the curves behind the numbers. Engine sizes are base engine (e.g., 1098, 1275) unless I recorded the overbore. If I know the engine was overbored, but don't know to what, I show 1098+ for example. Also, what is not shown are modifications, or current state of tune.

    Torque HP

    Priscilla, Rover 1.3i Automatic, 1275. 39 49
    Ryan, Mini LE, 1098 48 36
    Ed, Austin Cooper, 1098+ 56 51
    John, Rover Mini, 1275 (+?) 59 48
    Barbara, Mini 1000, 1293 (HS4) 59 49
    Jim, Rover Mini (?), 1275 (+?) 60 45
    Jerry, Mini, 1293 68 72
    Peter, Inno 1001, 1360 70 63
    Richard, Morris Mini, 1310 72 74
    Chase, Mini, Suzuki Swift Turbo 76 55
    Tim, Countryman, 1380 79 81
    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.

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    Guess I win for lowest HP, lol


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      Do you have the results for Peter's son Scirocco?


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        Just for the day, but not even close to the lowest club hp on the dyno. I still have that record.

        No. Didn't track anything but the Minis. Tim may have it. He will be posting photos and numbers on the flickr site soon.
        The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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          I called Chris my son
          1980 scirocco 1.8 Ltr. 16 valve engine
          Torque 113 HP 121



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            You can go to the "Flickr" site and check out photos and stats from the Dyno day. If you have ahy pictures you would like to share with the club please send them to "[email protected]" and I will see that they are posted. Also describe your photos too.



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              Thanks to all who attended-makes the effort of setting up an event worth the effort. Those who didn't attend missed a fun day. One doesn't have to put the car on the dyno to have some fun-I probably should have been more clear on that point.