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  • Fairview Car Show

    It's hard to avoid a show that's directly across the street from one's home.
    The Fairview Car Show and Festival
    July 6th
    844 NE 78th St
    Seattle 98115
    (enter on 79th)
    The Mini was a bit of an oddity last year, had lots of questions and a good time. The organizers, Fly By Night Cruisers, don't seem to have a web presence. Isn't that refreshing? PM me for registration info.
    The show is for 1972 vehicles and older, Heh Heh Heh.

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    After a very full 4th of July weekend at Lake Loma with family and friends I returned home with an hour to spare at the Fairview Car Show. The organizers didn't have me register, I just parked the very dirty Mini on the grounds.
    I love these "hot rod" shows for the genuine interest in what makes our cars tick. The transmission is WHERE? MPG question is definitely topmost nowadays.
    A couple of Healys, an AC Cobra, a Diamler, and a TF were present as was an Austin A-40 V-8 conversion. The Diamler won best Foreign Car and, you guessed it, Mark Adler won best roadster in his TF. Mark felt the Healys and the AC deserved more credit in the roadster category but left with designs for a new award cabinet in mind.
    I may register next year but may hold out for an award category for least miles driven to the show. We'll see. Don