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    newbie here working on total restore of '69 Austin MKII saloon. I have only recently learned what a hydrolastic suspension is. Does anyone know where I can rent/borrow/buy a pump so I can safely depressurize the system for disassembly?
    Any advice appreciated!

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    You don't really need a hydrolastic pump to depressurize the suspension. I do it by putting some clear tubing into a covered container. It doesn't have to be sealed but you want it to be able to keep the splashing down to a minimum. The clear tubing should be sized to fit the Schrader valve on the suspension. Take a small screwdriver, something the size you would use on glasses or a little larger, and push it through the side of the tubing at a point where the tip of the screwdriver can reach the valve stem. Push on the valve stem and it will release the pressure and fluid into the container.

    There will still be some fluid left in the system so as you disassemble it more will come out so plan ahead.

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      Thank you, mascher. And sorry for not posting in the proper place. I will get this figured out over time....