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Misfire on cold start

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  • Misfire on cold start

    For the past week or so my car has been misfiring on cold start. Smooths right out after about 10 - 15 seconds of warming up, and is completely fine until it has been parked long enough to be cold again. The only thing I can find on a quick visual check of the engine bay is that one of my spark plugs is fairly dark/fouled, whereas the other 3 look great. All four plugs have been gapped, and are not very old. Any ideas/suggestions?

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    On the ignition side, you may have a marginal ignition cable on the dark plug or a problem with the distributor cap. Do you know when they were last changed? Try exchanging a cable between a good plug and the dark one. If the problem moves, it's the cable. If it fixes the problem, then the cable wasn't making good contact. If the problem continues as before, it may be the distributor cap.

    It's also possible that your choke isn't working properly. It's less likely but possible.

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      I'll switch the plug wires this evening and see how it is tomorrow morning. Thanks for the input!


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        If after the the wire move the problem stays with the same plug, it could be the cap or the plug. Check the cap for cracks or "tracers" that show up cracks. You can swap the cap out. If the cap isn't it, swap plugs between cylinders and see if the problem follows the plug, or put a new plug in place of the black one.
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          Just moving things around seems to have cured the problem, must have been something loose. Thanks again for the input.