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  • Patching Hole in floor...

    I'm in the process of replacing my front subframe bushings. Yesterday I went to replace the final bushing; the driver's side rear. When I pulled back my carpet to remove the bracket I found that some *genius* decided it would be a good idea to try and fix the separated rubber bushing himself instead of replacing it. What he did was drill a hole through the bracket on the floor through the floor and through the entire bushing. Then he ran a bolt through everything. The bolt has since snapped off and only the end which was on the floor under my carpet remained.

    -How should I repair this hole in my floor? Should I simply spray it with some undercoat to protect it from rust and put the new bushing over the hole?

    -Should I replace the bracket since there is a hole in it? The hole isn't very big. I'll take a pic of it tonight and post it on this thread.

    -Also - there was a large piece of tape over the brackets on both sides. I'm assuming this was installed (at the factory?) to seal out moisture, etc. Should I replace this? If so, where can I find a replacement (since mine now has a hole in it).
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    here's a pic of the bracket
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      That's a small enough hole it would be easy to fill it with a MIG welder and then do a quick swipe with a grinder. It's a small enough hole that it shouldn't be a disaster if you don't fill it, no guarantees though.

      Whether you fill it or not, spray it with a zinc loaded paint and then a top coat of your choice.


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        As for the hole in the plate with the two captive bolts, it won't make any difference.

        And as for the tape, the only reason I can think of it being there is that it was used to hold the two plate to the body during assembly. Other than that it is almost as good at holding water to the floor and contributing to rotting as the sound deadening used at the same time!
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          And by the way, the studs and nuts are metric. The other two bolts and nuts that hold the mount to the subframe are not. Don't mix and match. Brilliant engineering that helped make the late cars so much fun to work on!
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            I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in.....

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              Ed,....Yeah me too!
              I have the spray from the front right wheel coming through a rust whole just above the "fresh air/water" vent. From there it finds it's way to the floor,....then even more rust worms grow.
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                Thanks for your input everyone... Now for some reassembly fun.
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