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Pop noise?

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  • Pop noise?

    I'm just trying to get some suggestions as to what the noise i'm having with my daily driver mini. It happens once in a while, and not consistant really....but sounds like a deadened pop noise from the front of the car somewhere... and tends to ONLY happen when i'm turning the steering wheel at slow speeds around in a parking lot... like turning into a parking spot or something. (not in full lock) It can be felt slightly in the steering wheel... Doesn't sound scary but moreso a subtle pop noise as if a bolt is loose slightly. But i'm curious what all i should check out to see what is causing this noise. My guess is the steering rack?

    any suggestions would be great!


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    Start with the pinch bolt at the bottom of the steering column.
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      Any unusual odor?

      Also make sure you don't have an expanded bag of half Orville Redenbacher laying on your exhaust manifold. Those mini bags that the kids get on Halloween can end up anywhere.