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Trouble Fitting Front (Rear) Subframe Bushings...

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  • Trouble Fitting Front (Rear) Subframe Bushings...

    I'm in the process of replacing my front subframe bushings. Got the front and tower bushings swapped, no problem. Now I'm struggling with the rear bushings which mount to the floor. Started on the passenger side, got the old one out, but as soon as I took the bolts out of the subframe it shifted towards the bulk head. I managed to get the new bushing attached to the bulkhead, but the bolt holes on the subframe are too far to the rear to fit through the holes in the bushing. I did this with the rear-end jacked up per my haynes manual. I can't seem to find anywhere good to leverage it into place. Any tips/tricks to get the subframe where I want it?

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    Amazing how far off they can be for such a precision made machine!
    I find it easier (but not much) to attach the mount to the subrame first, loosely, and then do the floor ones last. Sometimes it just takes two people. One to lever, and one to install bolts.
    You may have to loosen the upper and/or front.
    Remember to match the bolts and nuts. For some reason, metric bolts and nuts were used on the bolts going through the floor, but 5/16" UNF for the mount to subframe.
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      Thanks for the tip Chuck! Wish I would have asked before spending a hour getting the bolts attached through the floor!!!
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