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  • Disc Brake Upgrade

    Not sure if this really belongs in the Technical discussion but...

    Anybody seen this package on disc brake conversion that MM has offered off and on for the last several months?

    Anybody actually shelled out the money for it and/or have any comments about it, especially anyone who's done the upgrade? Should I be worried about aftermarket hubs? Would it be possible to gather the parts separately for less $?

    Gotta upgrade the brakes on Woody someday. Not sure I'm quite ready yet, but if its actually a decent package/deal, maybe now's the time?

    Jerry C
    Jerry C
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    Those sure are purty! They ought to stand you right on your nose! Can you imagine bolting all those CLEAN parts on the front end!! If you do this swap, consider braided brake lines, you're right there anyway. From what I have noticed they've been right around this same price for a while.

    I upgraded to vented discs, there is a noticeable difference. They are worth the money for anyone rebuilding their front brakes. Going from drums to discs would probably be a huge difference.

    Then again there is a noticeable difference having all four brakes work. James T found both rear brake pipes were crushed as in no fluid to the wheel cylinders. (Money well spent on James!) I have been driving on front brakes only since owning the car!! No wonder the rear brakes never seemed to have any wear! It stopped good on front brakes too!!


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      I have performed several of these upgrades/conversions. But never with the MM kit. I've found that Haritage and Seven have given me better prices. I would not be too worried about the hubs. Would need to see them in person, then if they are questionable, talk to them about options. But one thing is for sure... upgrading to "S" brakes is always worth the money
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        Lost track of how many of those conversions I've done over the years. Don't have any experience with those specific hubs. MM hasn't had any complaints. No idea what other kits use, now.
        Missing from all the kits: smaller rear wheel cylinders and spacers or spacered drums and longer wheel studs and screws for the rear.
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