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noice from the rear

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  • noice from the rear

    driving over soem rough terrain , especially when the cars rocks
    from the the left to the right
    noice comes from the trunk. I tight everything down, cannot fix it.
    Possible: the sender unit in the Gastank moves sideways and hit the
    metal of the gastank??

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    Can you discribe the noise.
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      If it's the sender in the gas tank, the hollow "knocking" sound should only happen when the tank is practically empty.
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        Or possibly the tank rattling loose against it own check strap?

        Or maybe it's the lug wrench loose from its tool roll?

        Or that empty bottle of HofBrauHaus beer?

        Or the battery box rusted loose?

        It all depends on the description of the sound, really.
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          Or bushings gone on the shock.
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            thanks guys for all the input,
            I checked again for some Italian Beer and wines bottles, no luck.
            the one I foound , were all empty!!!
            the noice is kind of light:; what i will do fill up the gas tank with some
            super expensive ( Vashon ) gas and will ilstening again.
            keep you posted.


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              filled up the gastank to the rim!.
              Noice is gone.
              so it is the sender unit moving around at lower level gas in the tank.