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Can 10" tires be mounted by machine?

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  • Can 10" tires be mounted by machine?

    Hi all,
    I found one thread on this in the archives, with mixed responses. Mini Mania says they will not warrant tires mounted by machine. Discount Tire (who I've used for more than 20 years and trust greatly) is getting a set of A008's for me, and said they will use the machine to dismount/mount, and will warrant them as usual.

    So, what's the deal? Is the risk any different than a larger "normal" wheel? And is the damage more likely to be to the rim or the tire?

    This is for a '70 S, with the 4.5" wheels, i.e. 9-hole steel.

    Finally, is it possible to just mount them myself, then take them in for balancing? Or is this a fool's errand?

    Thanks and talk soon,
    Ben McCafferty

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    They can be mounted by machine if it's the right machine and operator to avoid damage to the tire. Group 2 in Seattle knows what they are doing.
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      Like Chuck says, it all depends on the tire machine operator.

      I have never done a set of 10" Mini wheels, did a set of wheels for a Honda 600. From what I remember about them the bead bar did all the work not the machine. You move the tire onto/into the bar, not the machine moving the bar around the rim. The machine only holds the rim and bead bar while you work the tire onto the rim.

      Not to mention the little old guy I worked for then believed that you should apply lots of lube and spin every tire onto the rim by hand.

      We only used the machine for breaking the beads. He even did larger truck tires that way, he wasn't that big either. Just lots of technique.


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        Thanks guys. The fellows over at echo your sentiments, but also mention mounting/dismounting from the "short" side of the rim, not the "long" side. I assume this means to mount from the inside of the rim. Is there a difference in bead diameter?



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          All depends on the wheel.
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            Discount Tire mounted my Kuhmo 10" tires with no problem.