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paint code for 10" steel wheels

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  • paint code for 10" steel wheels

    What is the proper paint code for 10" steel wheels... yea i know they are white, but appear off white sort of. Would they be snowberry white maybe?

    they wheels i have were damaged in shipping so need to be sanded down a little and repainted. would like to find a proper color for them...super pure white seems a bit off from stock.

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    I believe that would be "Old English White" but don't know the paint code. Someone might chime in with the code.


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      The code for OEW is WT3. For Dupont the code is 8207 and for Ditzler 8177. These are from an MGB cross-reference on the internet so use them at your own risk.

      The OEW originally used on the wheels, I'm told, won't necessarily match the BMC color. The wheels were painted by the wheel manufacturer, often Dunlop, and even from the same manufacturer the color could vary.

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        Kelly's information is correct, and the proper color needed depends upon the year of the car. For a Mk I English car, use OEW and you'll have a match for at least some of the wheel produced during that time period. Shades did vary, so you can't be "wrong" with OEW.
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          Just a shot in the dark as to the colour variations, might likely be that the base coat (primer) is lighter or darker from one lot to the next. Primer shades have less control than topcoat paints do. Even with the same white topcoat on two different shades of primer the white will look like two different colours (white).
          Another would be that titanium oxide is used in the production of many white paints, the farther you go back in time the rarer titanium is. Now that the Russian's have flooded the market with titanium from cutting up their submarines titanium has become much cheaper. (Just a little something I learned as an inspector at the Lazy "B".) Just my two pence!