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Can someone confirm this Paint Color?

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  • Can someone confirm this Paint Color?

    I'm pretty sure the paint color is Cumulus Grey, and the Rover paint code is LMB. am i correct in this?

    here is a photo

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    Hard to say from the photo. It looks a lot like the same color as Graham and that's smoke grey. What's the year of your Mini? I'm assuming that this is the original color?

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      Have you been to this site, Tim?

      It looks like it could be Cumulus Grey, but those paint codes are way less than dependable.


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        Yea i assume it was cumulus grey from looking at that website "" as it appears to be the closest match of anything..oddly they call it grey when its clearly more a blue then a grey "my opinion". but i also did a search only and found a wolseley hornet mk3 painted in cumulus grey...check this

        And my wifes mini's color originally was a dark blue, so I'm assuming it was painted a factory color the second time around as it really resembles cumulus grey.
        I know its not smoke gray as i looked at graham at the greenwood car show and that mini looks much more on the grey side then it does on the blue side.