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  • Oel dip stick

    I have a few oel- dip - sticks.
    I compared them to the ones in my cars and sometimes there are different
    measures on it like low and add, althought the overlength of the stick is the same.
    Any clues why it is, are different engine size have different ones??

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    Engine size, not that i know of. But there is a between A and A+. Transmition still holds 5 Qts but the way the stick sits on the flange of the cyl. block changes.
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      Some engines had dipstick tubes pressed into the block and some engines had the dipstick placed directly in the block. I think there are also two different length dipstick tubes in A-series engines.

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        I just noticed this thread I'd somehow overlooked, and because I just Plasti-dipped the handle of my A+ dipstick, I guess I'm in a dipstick mood.

        Peter, I'll bet the answer to your question is as simple as a bunch of contract vendors and aftermarket producers manufacturing whatever style of dipstick they damned well felt like producing. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find that the dipstick bins in Abingdon were filled with several different styles (low, add, full, etc.) at any given time. BMC or Leyland management was probably content with that, as long as the sticks did their job and indicated a reasonably accurate oil level.


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          As a corollary to Kelley's observations, I'll add that one can NOT tell an A and A+ block apart by whether the dipsitck sits into a tube or directly into the block. Common mistake.
          All A+ sit in the block, but so did early A engines.
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