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SU HIF38 needles?

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  • SU HIF38 needles?

    I'm running a AAM needle and its pretty darn close to where i need to be, i did a bit more research and bought a few needles, tried AAU and that needle is nowhere close, as well as ABD. Those were recommended for a 998, but the thing is my 998cc engine is setup WAY different then stock... probably why the AAM works much better... after looking into this further i found that the AAA needle (will try soon) and also the ADX needle seem to be the ones i need to try as they are very close to the same as an AAM needle. I have found a AAA needle, but am having a bit of trouble sourcing an ADX needle and curious if anyone has one of these that they could let me try out in my setup.

    Thank you for any replies,

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    Well, just found them for sale on the SUcarb went ahead and ordered the ADX... think this might be the one.


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      found a cool website that can graph multiple needles at once to see difference for reference.


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        when i got back from ABFM today i went to go check the mail and in it i found my new ADX needle and SU yellow carb spring. And I couldn't wait to install them to try them out. I was right, a noticeable improvement going from an AAM to ADX, and i'm very happy with the difference now.

        So for the record i have an AAA, AAM, AAU, ABD needle that is sitting in stock now and if anyone needs any needles to try out. As i'm sure the SAMOA club every needle known to man in their collection of SU needles. Thought i'd offer anyways in case they don't have any of the above needles.

        all these would be ideal needles to try in a 998cc engine w/single HIF38 carb.
        AAA and AAM would be for moderately modded 998cc or ADX, and AAU and ABD are for close to stock/mild stage1 998cc.


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          Excellent, Tim! I just may take you up on that with the Van when I change out the exhaust and check into more upgrades for it.
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            We don't have every needle known but we tried to get a good assortment knowing the cars that are in the club.

            We have the AAA, AAM and AAU. I would be interested in adding the ABD to the collection. Give me a call when you get a chance.

            Since this is a thread on SU needles here is a list of the loaner needles in the library:

            No. 4 x 2
            No. 5
            M x 2
            BG x 2
            AAA x 2
            AAM x 2
            AAV x 2
            AH2 x 2

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