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  • Is there a Doctor in the house?

    Baby's window (passenger side) won't roll up or down - there's a "scrunchy/broken glass" sound either way. Can someone call me and help me figure out how to get to the window - I have those awful speakers on the doors that I have to get past before I can lift off the inside. Help!
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    It's been a couple of years since I reinstalled mine. That being said, you have to be able to access the window regulator, so door panel and speakers have to come out (obviously). Then it becomes a matter of removing attachment hardware and pulling it out. I think that the Haynes manual has
    a pretty good explanation on how to do it. I seem to remember that you have to unfasten the window from the regulator and work it out of the window channels. Then the regulator will follow. Check the book and be patient, it'll come out.


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      Thanks, Jerry. This helps. It's the speakers that are giving me a problem right now so I can't even get inside the door. It's like they're glued to the panel - no screws, clips. Yikes!


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        Those speaker faces may screw on, Glenda. Try turning them counterclockwise a little bit.


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          If they are glued on, you still should be able to get the door panels off using a wide flat tool , like a putty knife, to pry them away from the door frame.
          Then disconnect the speaker wires-you're home free.


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            can you post a photo of your speakers and door panel.

            i assume they should be standard speaker grilles, and a small sharp hook tool to insert into one of the holes and pull the grille off, and underneathe the grille should be some screws that will remove the speaker from the door panel. After that, the door panels should pop off (after removing handles etc) with a door panel popper tool, or just be careful and pull each corner away til the panel comes off. Sometimes the door panel is rotten and the plastic clips will rip through the door panel.

            anyways, hope you can get it sorted.


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              moving along...

              ok - I have the panel and hardware off, screws are out around the main mechanism behind door handle. Now what? I can't remove this and can't get behind to window. Boy, am I in trouble!


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                From Haynes:

                Carefully ease off the waist rail finisher strips from the top of the door edge, taking care not to damage them as they are lifted away from the clips.

                Wind the window approximately half-way so that the two arms of the winder mechanism are as near vertical as they can be. With a piece of wood, wedge the window glass at the sill (waist rail, km) in this position.

                Remove the winder mechanism securing screws.

                Pull the regulator away from the door panel enough to move it forwards so that the rear arm comes out of the window channel. Then move the mechanism back to release the arm from the front channel and take it away.

                Support the glass with one hand, remove the wedge and tilt the forward edge down into the door so that the top rear corner of the glass comes inside the top of the window frame. The glass can then be lifted out.

                Refit the window in reverse order with particular attention to the following.

                a.) Make sure that the window is located snugly in the frame glazing channels before wedging it in the half-way position.

                b.) Check that the waist rail finisher clips are evenly spaced before fitting the finishers back on. With the inner finisher, butt the forward end against the glazing channel rubber seal before fitting the rest.

                c.) Before screwing the winder mechanism back to the door panel apply a suitable sealer to the edge of the plate. This compensates for any irregualrities in the panel stamping which could cause rattles. Ensure that the lip on the front edge of the plate is engaged inside the panel.

                d.) Put the adhesive sealing strips back where they came from using a good impact (contact, km) adhesive.

                End Haynes.

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                  Thanks everyone for your help - Baby's window works!

                  All your ideas were great - I just didn't have the moxy to fix her window. As it turned out the regulator was so rusted it split and had to be repaired/replaced temporarily by a local repair shop. Just a bandaide for now - until Dr. Gunner can take over...this winter. We're up and running again for the summer!