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Car Jacking ( not carjacking! )

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  • Car Jacking ( not carjacking! )

    Life in the rainy Northwest & Lucas electrics has prompted a call to AAA for a tow at least a couple of times. While I guessed at the careful placement of straps while securing, I would like to know "the definitive" way to secure a mini for tow & while I'm at it, the safe places to jack a mini up without doing any damage. I know the first word out of my mouth is "Flatbed" followed by " it's not a new mini but a vintage one." kEnT

    P.S. Even the Flatbed required a 2x12 ramp...

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    Great ? just in case....
    NZ MINI Don


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      I had to have Earl towed last summer and they were able to do it with a claw type tower, but not recommended. Yes, the flat beds have too steep an angle when they are in tow position for the mini, the guy who came for mine was more worried about bending my front license plate than anything else. but then the back would also drag when it got up the ramp.

      Earl seems to be none the worse for wear having been towed with the claw type tow truck. Good luck. I know this was discussed in the old forums so I'm sure you will have some good answers about the jacking points.
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