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Moulton Smooth-A-Ride suspension kit.

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  • Moulton Smooth-A-Ride suspension kit.

    I recently installed a set of Moulton Smooth-A-Ride cones, Adjust-A-Ride hilos, KYB Excelon-G gas shocks, and fixed negative camber rear brackets.

    I've opted to buy the minisport "kit" for this, since it comes with plain ol boge oil shocks and neg camber brackets i've heard bad things about.

    Anyways. its too early to tell the full results of the install as it takes several weeks to a month for the suspension to settle fully.

    The initial install wasn't to bad, except that the front cones are about 1/2inch taller then a normal cone, and this proved to be a problem...seriously made it VERY tight to get everything back together. Honestly, as much of a pain in the butt they were, i'd almost say forget them and get regular spec cones just because of simplicity to install in comparison. Of course i'm only assuming a normal spec cone would be much easier, although i've never installed any cones but these smooth-a-ride...i have nothing to compare, only assumptions.

    My first test drive was today, and honestly i'm impressed with the softness of the ride. I don't brace myself for speedbumps at all, or prepare to dodge pot holes or whatever. It's much more "practical" for daily driving... YES, there is more body roll, but not a ton more then normal... actually it does seem to stiffen up really well when ya throw the car into a turn hard.

    One thing to note is that i don't have many mini's to compare to really... my green mini has new cones all around with koni sport shocks and that car is super comfortable to drive and very easy to drive over bumps and pot holes with ease! yet remain sporty. (in my opinion) The other two jap mini's i've had were terrible in comparison, and the suspension was definitely worn out in comparison.

    I went from factory boge shocks, all with "dead" spots and leaking oil... and donut shaped cones that were near 2.5inches tall in front and 3.5 inch in the back. So...that being said, one should expect to see night and day results.

    I will wait a month, then re-adjust height on all for corners as well as get a full alignment at group2 and then post again afterwards with an update.

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    before and after of the cones... kinda funny as the new ones are nearly TWICE as tall.


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      sold the mini that had them in it. But had it long enough to have it fully settle and get a good impression on the ride quality. Overall i would say i won't buy them again for one main reason. they are a bugger to fit due to the increased height of the front cones.. But other then that, i'd consider them again if i was building a daily driver for in town city driving where there are lots of pot holes and cracks in the downtown seattle or seattle neighborhoods with cobblestone roads etc. Anyways, not a big deal if you want to keep the mini more sport, stick with the standard cones. These do have a noticeable amount of body roll in comparison to stock cones. They are not marketed for sport driving, but for comfort, and they do indeed increase comfort.