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Fitting Anti Oil Leak kit MSSK050

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  • Fitting Anti Oil Leak kit MSSK050

    Just out of curiosity... I havent even looked under my car yet, but i ordered a kit to fix the oil leaking out of this area. Is changing the seal for the Rod change a simple thing to do? Its the only thing keeping me from driving my mini right now, as the leak is progressively getting worse over the last 5 years.... been putting this off for a long time.

    What needs to be done to attempt this project?

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    Fitting the oil leak kit is pretty easy. Jack the car up. Place stands. Crawl under. Undo the shift rod from rear of the transaxle. Remove the same peices that you got in your kit. You may need a bent pick (seal remover) to grab things. ("O" ring.)

    Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly.

    I did smear some Vasilene on the 1/2" thick metal part, it slides in easy either way. Used to use Vasilene on motorcycle parts that involve "O" rings. Less likely to have the "O" ring slide out of it's groove.

    Put the new boot on. Hook up the shift rod to back of transaxle. Shouldn't take over a half hour. Took 15 minutes to do mine.

    Still have leaks, not from there though.


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      Be extra cautious with the size of drift you use to push out the "roll pin". If you start too small, you can enter the center hole of the roll pin and, in essence, push it tighter Out into the hole. BTDT,
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        hmm. well i did the rod change seal today...and not exactly a 30 minute project for me... ended up being about 2 hours... GRRR, it already had one fitted at one time...which failed...

        the aluminum o-ring with rubber was so damn tight, i had to hit it with a punch and drill a tiny hole in it to get a pick tool to pull it out... after fussing with the pick tool for 5 minutes, it broke off in the hole i drilled!!!! and ended up drilling a second hole and going for round two... finally got that bugger out of there. And installing the new ones was a snap... just getting that roll pin back in was a real bugger too... i really should of just bought a roll pin punch!!! would be been SO MUCH EASIER. i used what i had laying around which was a drill bit, and a modified star wrench (ground down to correct size for a roll pin punch) hah!

        hopefully i won't see any drippage from here again... it was leaking somewhat from here, lost about a 1/4 of a quart and oil over 2-3 months. Everywhere else seems tight and no leaks.


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          Roll pin removal (with the correct drift) is not difficult but is made easier by putting the car in reverse gear. Better angle.

          Roll pin refitting is easier if the leading edge is champhered slightly.
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