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Wiper motor parking switch

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  • Wiper motor parking switch

    I have to do some serious degreasing to my wiper motor. Anybody know how to get the parking switch off the motor body? I'd hate to snap something trying to pry that puppy off.


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    Two types, well, three really. The later, and most common type, clips onto the body of the motor, sort of like the clip on tie you wear to work at the Big W.
    An earlier type (not sure if it was ever used on Minis, but I've run into a couple in boxes on my magic shelves) was screwed onto the body.
    The third type is the type that breaks into a number of pieces when you try to take it off. Doesn't matter which of the above two it started out as! The first one or this one is what you most likely have.
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      You forgot the forth type... the kind that you solder the wires together and do it MKI style
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