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wiring harness modifications?

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  • wiring harness modifications?

    I've finally decided to order a new wiring harness from Autosparks rather than take chances and deal with the headaches of my old cut up loom. And with the Pound down, prices aren't quite as hard to swallow as they were a year ago.

    Since Autosparks doesn't have a pattern for the '72 Innocenti Mini 1000, they are going to make it from scratch based on my original harness and comparisons to other Mini harnesses. Are there any modifications from the original that I should consider? For example, I plan on having them wire it for an alternator rather than a generator.

    How about adding a relay in the event I install brighter lights in the future?

    Any other suggestions? Oh, and what's the advantage of braided wire/wrap vs. PVC wire/wrap? Thanks!

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    The big difference between the English Mini and the Innocenti wiring harness is in the dash and the way the gauges and lighting are connected. Will Autosparks do the sub-harness that goes to the steering column? This is also very different.

    If you or Autosparks knows exactly how you want to lay out the relay wiring there is nothing wrong with building it into the wiring harness. On the other hand it isn't too hard to add relays to a standard harness. No cutting required, if I recall correctly all that needs to be added is a +12V wire. Also from memory, the best place, from the wiring perspective, to put the relays is under or on the slam panel.


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      Now I know where to find an added relay..... If I only knew what a slam panel was! A little help? Don


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        Slam panel is the cross piece to which the bonnet latches. Not a good name for it, but it is commonly used. That's what I call it, too.
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          I don't know about the added alternator, but there are certainly several different ALT models that they must have done in the past, so they could offer a pleasing solution.
          One possible consideration is what distributor and coil you are going to use. Maybe you'd consider setting up the harness for use with an electronic dizzy from the start? Maybe that would change the wiring, or the resistors that are used in it ( if any ) and the coil. ( Something about how when the starter is drawing higher, the coil / ignition side won't suffer due to that draw, but I'm not sure. )
          Finally, if you are already going to the expense of getting a "custom" harness, go for the black cloth braid instead of the pvc. It just looks so much better! This is especially true if you are not going to park the car out in the rain and sun, where those two elements can damage the cloth braid more quickly.
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