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    Posting this just in case someone else runs into this not so common problem.

    As most of you know, a remote shift box shifter is quite a bit stiffer then other types. However last Saturday I was asked to look at one that had become increasingly stiff and had become difficult to get into gear. My first thaught was clutch issues. But after after a small arm adjustment, and confirming that there was no grinding or clicking going into gear, that did not seem to be a problem. Most shifter problems ie. worn or broken parts, make the shifter looser not stiffer. So I made a quick phone call for backup. After checking the linkage behind the gearbox for any dropped objects (there where non) I went to the shifter it self. Turns out that the 30 year old grease that had been "lubing" the shifter ball and socket, had turned into a goo with the consistancy of chewed bubble gum. So, after a good cleaning with some solvant and re-grease. The box is shifting smoother then ever.

    Turns out, a little grease whent a long way
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    More chewing gum grease can be found in your wiper motor gearbox. Don