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Heavy Hesitation / No acceleration above 3000 rpm

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  • Heavy Hesitation / No acceleration above 3000 rpm

    On the way back from school this morning, I could not accelerate past 3000 rpm and it was sputtering quite bad above 3000 rpm as well. At one time it started sputtering above 2500 rpm, but that didn't last too long. It also back fired once. Before this it has randomly had like a split second hesitation. It also smells like its running super rich, and I put new spark plugs in a few weeks ago and they are already pretty brown/black.

    Before this it has been doing split second hesitations randomly, I thought replacing the general ignition components might help. But, it appears to be a more serious problem.

    I am ordering a bunch of ignition parts next week as I have wanted to replace those for awhile, but this is a new problem. I was going to order a new cap, rotor, wires, and condensor.

    I am using the Mini as a daily so I need to get it sorted our super quick. Anyone have any ideas or maybe I can find Chuck's number on here somewhere...

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    Remember Tim's car during the food drive? Check the low tension leads at the coil. Don


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      Thanks, forgot about that. I'll try it.


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        What kind of engine and aspiration? Does it have a SU?

        Dashpot oil?
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          I agree with Don, anything that keeps the car from firing on one or more cylinders will cause unburned fuel into the exhaust and make it smell like it's running rich.

          There are plenty of other things that can cause this problem of course. After checking the low voltage wires to the coil, the white ones, check the oil and see if it smells like gasoline. It's rare but if you have fuel leaking into the oil it can cause the same symptoms. A leaking mechanical fuel pump or parking on an incline with a slightly leaking float valve can cause it.

          It's always a good idea to change the ignition components on a car you're not familiar with. I'm also a big fan of electronic ignitions. It will make the car considerably more reliable and will reduce wear on the engine. I also have a couple for sale.


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            Its a 1098, stock, with a HS4 carb. I have been thinking about electronic ignitions, how much do you have your kit for?

            I just took a wire brush to both the connections on the coil, so hope that will help it.


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              Smelled the oil and it didn't smell like gas. Going to go test drive it and hope for the best.


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                Thanks all, seems like cleaning up the low voltage cleaning wires minimized most of the hesitation. There is still a bit there, but hopefully replacing the rest of the ignition components in the next couple of weeks will help it.


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                  Buddy, Wires can "disconnect" within a connector or even inside the insulation. Sometimes a little manipulation can make a difference, indicating the location of the problem. I'd recommend soldering on new connectors when they're bad. Crimp on connectors suck. This applies to all electrical connections, especially British ones. Don


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                    Have you checked your smoke level lately?
                    I believe Karynne had good results with the genuine Lucas part. Don


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                      Ya, I am planning on purchasing a new lucas coil with the rest of my maintenance parts... so later yesterday after the test run... The Mini decided to die on me and not want to restart at an intersection on the way to work. I just put a new alternator belt on, the old one was very tight. So tight, that I had to cut it off. The new belt is about .5 inches too long, but it tentioned up correctly and is not squealing. Its all the local schucks had, I will be ordering a new one with the maintenance part purchase as well. I am guessing that the alternator might be bad, but will recharge the battery and check for voltage this weekend.