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Earl is giving me fits again...

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  • Earl is giving me fits again...


    Okay, for the first 15 minutes of driving or if I am driving on long stretches of road, he is fine, but then if I am in stop light traffic where I have to sit at idle for any length of time, he sputters, dies, and will not start again. Last time it happened, I had to have him towed. I have a brand new set of wheels and tires in my livingroom just waiting for me to get him running and to Group 2 to get them installed.

    Any ideas on the sputter dead thing?

    Thanks guys, see you at the White Elephant.

    Karynne Williams
    Gender confused Mary Quant named Earl
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    Likely an overfueling issue.
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      I'm going to take a wild guess and say there is probibly something wrong with the engine......OK OK it was a joke. If it runs ok at higher RPM with no missing than it's more likely the carb not the ignition system. May be over rich (stuck choke?) that is flodding and killing it at an idle. Then will not restart due to wet plugs. Or possibly an air(vacuum) leak from the carb or intake manifold. The manifold vacuum is highest at idle and may be opening a split in one of the gaskets..........maybe.
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