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Plastic part on seat belt broke...

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  • Plastic part on seat belt broke...

    hmm, how to explain this.

    On the seat belt buckle... the small bar plastic piece that helps keep tension on the belt broke where it meets the main part of the buckle. Its not that big of a deal, but it does bug me everytime I go to buckle up. Best glue to fix this that will hold and bond it correctly? Already tried super glue.

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    Hey Ryan,
    If you can get the old superglue off of the plastic, you might be able to use the "plastic only" glue that is made for Motorcycle body parts. Look for the kind that has a small "nail polish" type of jar of primer or cleaner in one jar, and the actual glue in the other jar.
    Don't attempt to use epoxy, or other glues that say they don't work on polypropelene.

    And, even after all of your work using the right glue, clamping it, etc., it usually isn't too long before it shows up problemed again. Especially with frequent use, like a seat belt.
    Best of luck,
    All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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      ya, I thought so. I guess the only other option is to find a replacement. Any ideas as to where?


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        I have no clue what your talking about but I have a set of seat belts in a box thats probably in another box some where in my garage. If I can find them and I have the right part its yours. Might be a couple of months though.



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          ok thanks, might just order a new set for both sides next month. Just found out my fuel sending unit is dead too, so gonna have to get one of those as well.