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'67 MkII as a dinghy?

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  • '67 MkII as a dinghy?


    I am working on buying a motorhome and am thinking about towing my Mini behind it as a dinghy (motorhome people lingo).

    Has anyone done this before?

    Not sure if a two wheel car dolly would be okay or if it can be towed four wheels flat or if it needs to be on a trailer.

    Any thoughts or advice?


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    I never towed one behind a motorhome, but the Mini should be a perfect dinghy. I'd sure put it on a small trailer, though. You have to be real careful with those dollies because some ramps are too widely spaced and some, being made with larger wheels and tires in mind, will strike the Mini's bodywork just aft of the front wheel well. It's only my opinion, but I wouldn't use one, and I wouldn't ever put flat-towing wear-and-tear on my LBC.


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      This is a topic that has shown up several times on the Mini Mania web site. Use the Forum's search feature setting the time back to find previous posts, or start your own thread there, too.

      Mechanic's Illustrated had a motorhome article years ago. The owners had built in a slot in the side that they used to store a Moke (windscreen folded down)!
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