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thrust washer clearances?

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  • thrust washer clearances?

    What thrust washer clearance do you guys recommend for a moderately tuned 1275 Cooper S road motor? Engine specs: S thick flange block std bore, AEG 479 std/std crank, 163 head, lightened flywheel/blue diaphragm, SW5 cam, LCB, dual 1 1/4 su's. It will occasionally run at higher RPM's

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    If by "higher RPM's" you mean up to 6000 rpm, set primary gear and idler gear at the middle to lower end, if possible. Crank thrust washers at standard.
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      By RPM's I was thinking 6500-7000, but don't know if the SW5 is much good above 6000. Never used one before, but now have one sitting in my garage and was planning to use it.
      When you say crank thrusts at standard do you mean .002 or .003? I've been getting vastly differing opinions on thrusts. Does anyone else on SAMOA forum want to offer their opinions/advice on thrusts?
      What clearance(in thous) would you recommend for the front bushing and thrust on the primary gear?