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A more fundamental ID question

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  • A more fundamental ID question

    Back again.

    Of course I want to believe that both of my new minis are genuine cooper s models. The 1970 is above reproach, and I am 99.9% certain at this point that it is in fact the real deal.

    The 1966 has growing evidence to say that something is amiss. I won't yet say "counterfeit", but definitely not right.

    Last night I finally got the interior out of this one. I noticed that the floor pan doesn't have the recesses for hydrolastic pipes that Oz cars are supposed to have.

    As I said yesterday, I sanded a test spot on the top, and it goes: bare metal, very light green primer, buttercream color, three to four coats of toga white (grey) color. This made me suspicious, and today I sanded test spots on both doors in and out, front fender, rear fender, boot, bonnet. In all cases except the door insides, the layers were: bare metal, very light green primer, buttercream color, green (the current color). Now here's the weird part--the insides of the doors weren't sprayed, and they have: bare metal, red primer, dark green (different than the outside green). Original color was supposedly New British Racing Green with Toga White roof. The dark green inside the doors really looks like a vintage color--no metallic, aged, flat. But again, the outside of the doors have the buttercream.

    Another strike against this shell--I removed the right fuel tank, and there are no spot welded tabs on the panel ahead of it for the fuel vent hose, nor the three under the rear package shelf. That would indicate the panel wasn't originally made for a right tank. But the right tank hole in the fender is perfect, and also has the buttercream paint as the first color!!!

    To make things worse, the support under the right tank (which is supposed to be spot welded) IS in fact spot welded, although it's totally rusted to almost nothing.

    The bonnet also has the buttercream, but the fading around the badge on the green paint is for a Morris mini (long badge) and there are no holes for the "S" on the bonnet (although the boot is correct and has buttercream also).

    So being new to this whole re-shelling thing, can someone out there tell me a story that makes sense here? Maybe the original shell was totally rusted out, and the owner found a UK Cooper S shell to put everything back onto, accounting for the lack of the hydrolastic dents in the bottom, but the correct fuel tank support and hole? But then where are the fuel vent tabs? And what is going on with the inside of the doors in any case?

    As you can tell, I'm at a loss at this point.

    Any and all conspiracy theories welcome.

    Thanks for the bandwidth.