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    Hello all,
    Just joined, and 22 years after falling for the mini in Germany, I finally bought one (two). Loads of mechanical experience, but all on German air-cooled things, i.e. VWs and Bavarian motorcycles. Glad to find a club so close to home!

    I hope to make your meetings at some point, but can't this evening.

    I just took delivery about two weeks ago of two Morris Cooper S cars, one a 1966 and one a 1970. They are both of Australian origin, which is good and bad--good because they have much less rust problem than many I've seen, and bad because a lot of the books and resources don't exactly apply to them.

    I've already torn the 1970 down a long ways, and will be doing full restoration on both of them over the winter. In that vein, I'm sure I'll have lots of questions and hope to find members and local resources to support the projects.

    Forgive me in advance when I ask the bonehead question that you just answered six months ago for the 17th time--it happens on every list I belong to. I'll do my best to search archives prior to asking!

    Hope to see some of you soon, and I'll post again later with my first round.


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    way to dive in! lots of people with lots of history and experience. good motor guys, body guys, paint guys, general mini guys, race guys, etc.guys (you get the idea)

    look forward to meeting you (although i also missed the meeting tonight)
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