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  • exhaust

    i need a new exhaust manifold for my 1275. Possible i might change out the exhaust at the same time but what is a good brand for a decent price?

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    The only way to get any really useful answers here is to post the actual year of manufacture of your car. Obviously there is no such thing as a 1968 Rover Mini. The late cars, about 1990-on, had very different exhaust systems and even varied by model.


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      sorry about that
      its a 1991 rover mini with the 1275 motor in it,.
      im looking to replace the manifold/header of the car and am just looking for the best one out there for its price. not looking to spend alot.


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        There aren't that many choices as far as brand. I would recomend Maniflow LCB type. The "buget" LCBs have a "collector" box where the #1 and #3 pipes join. They are known for cracking and do not flow as well as the Maniflow pipes. But the fisrt thing to decide is weath or not you are keeping the fuel injection system with o2 sensor and or cat. converter, as Kelly has said, the exhaust systems are VARY different between earyer and later cars depending on your engine set up. If you are not sure what you have... I recomend having someone who knows help you decide.
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