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  • Distributor screws

    Anyone know the size and pitch of the screws that hold the breaker plate in a Lucas 45D dizzy? How about the points mounting screw? We stumped the local Ace Hardware. Don

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    The points mounting screw is a 10-32 cheese head screw. The screws holding the breaker plate might be 6-40 round head but the threads per inch seem to be a bit coarser but not quite 36. Unfortunately I can't find any reference to anything like a 6-38 so maybe it is 6-40 and I just can't read my guages right.

    Of course the easy way find the right the screws is to come over to my place and get some off of an old distributor.


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      That's the only way I've been able to figure out the distributor screws -- dig through my box of old distributors and "borrow".
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        hummm..............superglue! ...
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          Turns out these screws are BA don't ya know. British Association. Used on dizzys and guages and other electronics.

          The "peaks" and "valleys" of the threads are radiused causing standard screws to jam. It doesn't help that they have odd threads per inch such as 38.5 or 31.4. Thus the knotted brows at the local Ace and at Kelley's.
          The CHEASEHEAD 2BA x 1/4" for the points fits fine, might be too long so grind if needed. The slotted round head 4BA works for the breaker plate but the original is phillips head.
          I've got spares, let me know. Don


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            Now also available at Autosport. Be sure to mention SAMOA. Don


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