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need new battery what one to buy

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  • need new battery what one to buy

    Im looking to get a battery for my mini. It never had one when i bought it so i would like to know if there is a special kind or what not to buy.
    so any help would be nice.
    thanks again


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    Hi Leon, The AGM batteries are worth it. Absorbed Glass Matt means very little difficulty with acid problems, easier charging, and usually longer life at a higher CCA rating.
    I'm sorry I don't have it memorized right now, but smaller hodna civecs once had the correct frame size you'll need. Try to ensure that you don't get the Dual post/terminal design so that you don't have to think about the unused side terminal touching stuff.

    One other comment, be sure to use that Camlo products black plastic batt box liner, and maybe even use the little battery diapers they sell.

    Good luck! and,
    Best regards,
    All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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      I think the Honda sized battery is what I ended up getting when I replaced the last one. Besides the battery mat I am going to roll on some bed liner (paint) in the battery box, sealing it up with a rubberized product can't hurt.
      When the shipper dropped off my Mini off besides all the sand (?) the battery box was a little wet with sloshed battery juice. I used almost a whole box of baking soda to clean up and neutralize the ooze. I've never had a problem with electrolite slosh since, when I had VW's it was always an issue.


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        Odyssey AGM batteries

        Hi there,
        I have had several Odyssey brand AGM batteries. They are incredible, no other way to describe them. They work as both deep cycle and starting batteries, have a service life of ten years, never leak, and can be shipped by air fully charged (because they don't leak).

        I have used with good success, but other dealers exist.

        Best of luck,