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  • Great Battery Product

    Thought I would pass on a cool product for that those of us who don't drive our Mini every day. After replacing batteries almost every other year on my car I did a little investigation battery maintenance products.

    I finally settled on a "Battery Tender". In theory it cycles the battery through just like the car was being driven on a daily basis.

    I've had the thing hooked up for a little over three months now and it works! Never have to worry about the battery being a little weak, which is especially good on those days when I accidentally leave the lights on a little too long after shutting the engine off!! (I know no one else ever does that either. Right?)

    They are available at other sources, but since someone gave me a $50 gift certificate to Eastwood I bought it there. Hey the price was right.

    There is even one that you can hook multiple vehicles up to, (everyone is thinking Chuck's Fleet at the posh "Clubman Estates", right!

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    my friend has one and he loves it. he uses it for his motorcycle and it works. especially since you can only ride a bike for 4 months out of a year in seattle.