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  • 998 Short block

    I have been going round and round the last few days on what to do. I had my 998 block that has been machine by a local reputable machine shop. It has been a little while since since it was machined.....ok two or three years have passed. I am finally getting around to getting it back together. So far it has the crankshaft, and pistons installed with new rings. Camshaft bearings have been sized and that is about as far as I have it. I starting to get it clean up to give it a coat of paint. Then notice the coolant drain port still had its plug in. Took the plug out and the hole was plugged solid with grit. I am starting to clean it out, but I am unsure how well this block was originally cleaned out.

    Here is question. Should I try to clean out with it assembled or should I take everything out and clean it then get it retanked then reassemble?

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    Disassemble and re-tank-at a different machine shop, of course. Why risk it?


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      I agree with Jerry (of course). I'm also curious if you had the head hot tanked.

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