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Finding a correct replacement ID plate

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  • Finding a correct replacement ID plate

    Years ago I dismantled a '65 Austin CS. Can't find the number plate, but have a solid WA title, in my name, and most all the other good parts.

    Looking online, I see plates that are not true to the original - the typesetting is way off. Has anyone been through this and found a best supplier for these?

    PS. Think has got the layout mostly right and almost no one else does. Love to find someone else.

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    This place is in the UK but I've heard good things.

    If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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      Thanks Kelley.

      I checked them out and unfortunately they have some of the same issues I've seen with other vendors.

      Do want to say I've been triple cursed on this topic by having married a graphic designer, once been a copy camera operator at a newspaper printing plant (before digital) and worked for an cockpit display manufacturer for many years. In other words, in my old age, I might be seeing things.

      Because the guy in the UK who does a great job embossing, uses plates that are messed up layout-wise, I had to spell out to him why I wanted his embossing but not his plate. I've attached the pdf I sent him. He uses the bad plate that's at the bottom of the page, which has wide spacing between the factory location words and uses the incorrect marking for "No." Minimail seems to use that same plate.

      It's one of those things that once you see it, you see it every time. With digital typesetting it should be real easy to make it identical to the original. By the way, multiple suppliers sell the identical bad plates. I’ll post how things go if I proceed with this.

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        Ended up getting plate from one place and embossing from another. Best of each I could find, but I'm not satisfied with either. has the closest artwork for the Mk I Austin blank plate, however it has issues with type size and kerning. In this day and age of computer typesetting, it should be a breeze to get a 100% perfect match. Not sure why they can't. has the best embossing however it's at 6 characters/in vs the factory 7 characters/in, which means the spacing is wrong.

        Hope this helps members source this type of item.