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  • CSI electronic Ignition

    I purchased a CSI electronic distributor. The instructions say the resistor value of the coil should be more than 2.5 ohm. An analogue meter shows about 1 ohm. The instructions recommend a Bosch blue coil. Mine is a reddish orange with numbers on it that don't match anything I can find on line. Do I need different coil (or a more accurate meter)?

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    This is all Greek to me. Sorry I can't help but this would be a great topic for the meeting this coming Tuesday, Apr 17.

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      That sounds about right for the Ducilier (sp?) coil used with the electronic 65D distributors. I have one that measures .77 ohms using a digital multi meter. If you are going to buy a blue Bosch coil, get one that was made in Brazil. Supposedly they are made to German specs for use in the German market-should be about 3.2 ohms. The VW part number is 043 905 115C. Try this web site; Edit; Don't know if that part # is for 6V or 12V.
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        good point to bring up "electronic Ignition"
        some folks in germany don t like the "123" Ignition


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          Installation update

          Installed a new coil and CSI electronic ignition. Ran fine for first couple of days then ignition cut out as driving along. Restarted okay and ran fine. Next day started and ran for about a mile then cut out. Would start easily but only run briefly before cutting out again. Checked under the hood and the vacuum hose had come off the vacuum hard line (how?). Reinstalled it. Again engine would start easily but only run briefly. Towed it home.
          Today it started and ran fine. Let it warm up. Starts and runs fine. I'm looking for any words of advice before I take it on the road again.


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            Not using the ballasted wire to the coil are you? Had a problem like you described, turned out to be a poor crimp on one of coil terminal wires. Which coil did you install and is the coil overheating? Did you check the coil to insure that it is the 3.2 ohm type? Electric or mechanical fuel pump? To isolate the cause, you might try re-installing the old coil/distr and see if that solves the problem.
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              No, I installed a new wire bypassing the ballasted one. The new coil is a 3 Kohm Lucas Sport. Mechanical fuel pump. The car is running fine now. I'll check the coil for overheating and double check the crimps. Thanks.