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Cylinder head modifcation?

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  • Cylinder head modifcation?

    Does anyone know of a local machine shop that has a flow bench who know the a series engine I haven’t called autosport yet just thought I would ask you guys first

    I am building a cooper spec 998 I have a 12g295 head which is kinda hard to find so I just want it done right

    other wise i will just send to someone like APTfast for the work


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    I don't know of a local shop with a flow bench. I do have some experience with ported heads though, not Mini but air cooled VW. I haven't ported my own either, I have had friends who did, you get what you pay for. Usually one heck of a bog or flat spot in one or two RPM ranges. I have bought ported heads from shops specializing in porting heads and got the horsepower I paid for. Shops who do that kind of work usually have some closely guarded tricks up their sleeves.


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      Don't Know Where You Live Or How Quickly You Need The Head, But There Is A Shop In Tacoma. The Guy Does A Lot Of Head Work And Has A Good Rep, But Is Usually Overloaded. He Knows Minis, Has One That He Built For Autocrossing. Can't Remember The Shop, Though. If You Are Interested, Call Delta Camshaft In Tacoma. They Should Be Able To Give You A Name And Phone Number.


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        Thanks, that sounds promising i will give them a call,
        I am in no hurry fot it to be done
        lots of work needs to get done to the body