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  • split collar removal

    I removed the split pin and nut from the drive shaft, however the split collar will not come out. The manual says once the nut and split collar are moved the drive flange should come off and if it doesn't hit the back of the brake disc. If I do this with the split collar still in place am i making matters worse? Should I try heat on the spilt collar?

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    Unless you are going to use an oxyacetylene torch on the hub you probably won't do much harm, short of melting a grease seal and even that is unlikely. Heat might help but I've never needed it. I would try a flat faced punch and tap the split collar directly. It is split and tapered so it should loosen up. You can also catch the split in the collar with the punch and tap it there too. If this doesn't work it may loosen it enough so that tapping the disk may help. Don't hit the disk with a steel hammer if you plan on reusing it. Cast iron is prone to cracking.

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