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  • Passenger Grab Handle

    My wife finds the normal handle on the door to be less than ideal when I'm making right turns. I don't have bucket seats installed so a better handle would help.

    Has anyone here tried anything or seen anything good?

    I'm looking to add something either on the door further forward or up above the window. I can feel some sheet metal right above the door behind the headliner that's not the outside surface of the roof and might accept something. Same goes for a spot at the upper corner of the windscreen.

    1979 Canadian Mini Saloon

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    Innocenti Minis had those stock in those cars.
    3 in ttl. per car.
    I have some extra ones

    my email [email protected] .net



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      What I have done when riding in a Mini with a standard tilt type seat and things begin getting 'hairy' is to cup one hand onto the steel frame running under the seat. Right hand when a passenger in a LHD car and the left hand when a passenger in a RHD car.

      Effective as well as quite inconspicuous to others ( you don't look scared "s%#@less").


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        For those that are dying to know, I went the handle approach.

        From a Mini Innocenti courtesy of Peter Larsen. It's not 'correct' for my car but it looks good and classic. That and it's where everyone reflexively goes when they say Yikes!
        1979 Canadian Mini Saloon


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          Looks nice. What are the attachment points?


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            They attached with four screws, two of which are visible after install. They've got two plastic or hard rubber fittings that go on the ends. They have the profile of the car sheet metal molded in so they mate well and solid.

            I don't have any images of it all before assembly. Peter might.

            I mounted them by drilling some small holes, then running coarse thread wood screw type screws through the holes in progressively larger sizes. The final screws were some number 12's I think. My goal was to bend lots of metal and get a more cylindrical shape there for the screw to bite. Whether it worked or not the handle feels bomber.

            My wife likes it a lot. Happy wife, happy life.
            1979 Canadian Mini Saloon


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              I can send you some pictures of it. I think I have
              a unit left.


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                Thanks Peter. I don't need one, just was curious how it was mounted.