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Coolant leak?

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  • Coolant leak?

    So I took out 1972 1275 out today for the first time year and after a few miles it starts to overheat badly. I got it into a park and ride, eventually got the engine killed but it was smoking; some gray smoke from the engine and exhaust.

    Looks a bit wet by the radiator and the ground had a small trail of what appears to be coolant. I suspect the lower radiator connection has a leak.

    Any tips on getting it home? The radiator has some fluid in it, but it definitely looks low. I'm assuming it'll get too hot and not be worth the risk driving home and I'm stuck getting a tow at this point.

    Not that it helps, but I have some bad photos that don't want to upload from my phone.

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    Crisis averted; topped up the coolant, got it home and now checking all of the tubing to see if it was just low, evaporated, or leaking..


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      You did what I would have suggested to get home. Look at the connection from the small part of the lower hose to the heater hose. I found a plastic tube connector in mine that had cracked and finally broke enough that there was steam and water everywhere. A little duct tape and a little water got me home. I replaced it with a bit of copper tubing.

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