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Rack-and-pinion steering gear

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  • Rack-and-pinion steering gear

    After removing the deteriorated steering rack rubber gaiters i found traces/chips of nylon/plastic in the grease at the left end of the steering gear assembly. The car is right hand drive. No chips were found at the right end and the rack is centered in the housing. At the left end the rack lays on the bottom of the housing. Haynes recommends a reconditioned unit and does not go into any details. Is there a bushing that has failed? can it be replaced without taking everything apart?

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    I'm no steering gear expert, but I think that maybe a steering rack replacement is in your future. Check the mini mania forum for a thread authored by Hunter2 titled "Question for Chuck". A reply from Coopertune in the thread may have an answer for you.


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      There is good information on rebuilding racks here if you decide to go that way:

      Searching for BMC steering rack brings up some good pictures.

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        Rack rebuilding

        Dr. Mini, on the Aus Mini forum ( he also come to MM forum on occasion ) has rebuilt several and has a How To on that Aus Forum to allow people to do it themselves.
        to find him, Do a search for the term "wasamatic" which refers to his use of the Automatic block to be modified and used on a manual transmission. He uses the term in his tagline.
        Best of luck
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