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My car is running really hot

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  • My car is running really hot

    Working on my car and car is getting really hot. its a 1380 motor with a front mount radiator and fan cooling system. I was wondering if this was a timing or tuning issue with the carb? or if there was something else I was missing. radiator blocked? not really sure. any help would be great.

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    I'll ask a lot of questions of those with late front rad cars to correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't some cars, maybe JDM ( with a/c? ) Have a fan to suck air out of the underbonnett and send it across the front left tire and suspension? (Likened to the orig side rad arrangements)
    And now another question; does your front rad have a puller or pusher for a fan?
    Then, what is your thermostat?
    Where are you getting temp readings from, and can you get alternative data sources like a laser temp thermometer? Maybe that temp sensor could be checked by connecting it to ground and see the effect on your gauge?
    Please post back, and also, if all is well consider adding water wetter or amsoils equivalent to see what changes.
    Best MSH
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      First, are you losing coolant? This will help determine if it's really hot or if the temp guage is wrong. Is the electric fan working? That's a start, but it's hard to help on a forum without a lot of information.

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