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Best option to plug boot lid holes?

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  • Best option to plug boot lid holes?

    I'm in the early stages of getting a replacement boot lid painted. My intent was not to use metal spring clips to secure the rubber seal to the boot lid itself so I wondered what others had done to seal up those 26 holes? Nylon or maybe rubber plugs?

    As it has a solid inner skin, I want to prevent water ingress but I don't want to weld the holes up should I change my mind on things down the road.

    The bootlid is currently in black primer (stock photo shown).

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    Wesco Autobody Supply has an assortment of plastic pop rivets and plastic push pins for attachment of weather seals.


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      Plastic plugs should work. In addition use a bit of plumber's putty to seal them. Another option would be to use autobody seam sealer with the plugs especially if you are going to apply finish over the plugs.

      Another thought, you might want to scuff the plugs to help the paint adhere but talk to your painter about the material and finish on the plugs.

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