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painting disc brake calipers

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  • painting disc brake calipers

    At the meeting last night, I brought up the question of which type of paint to use on my Cooper S calipers to protect them from corrosion, and thought I'd record the info here for future reference. Two suggestions were made:

    Option 1) Do a Google search for brake caliper paint.

    Option 2) Contact the caliper rebuilding specialist that Group 2 Motorsports uses.

    I've looked into both options, and here's what I found. I first did the Google search...the most popular result was the G2 Brake Caliper Paint System, with the Dupli-Color Caliper Paint Kit being a somewhat distant second. Does anyone have experience with either of these paints?

    I then talked with Joe at Group 2 to get the name of their specialist who rebuilds and paints all their calipers: John at Goldline Brakes. Joe highly recommended John (as did Chuck at the meeting last night). I gave John a call, and he was very helpful and informative. His shop is within walking distance from my work, so I'm going to stop by early next week to meet John and see some samples of his work.

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    Make sure you have John's correct address. The one I had on the card G2 gave me (not far from the two stadiums) was out of date.
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      I know money is always a wierd issue to talk about with some folks, but if you could get us some $$$ figures so we can all make some decisions too that would be great!!
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        Have you considered ceramic coating, it comes in colors.


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          Thanks for the heads up, Ozie. I'll look into it. Before I head off on another Google search, do you have a brand I should search for?

          As for the two off-the-shelf paints I've read about, the Dupli-Color paint is ceramic-based, whereas the G2 kit is epoxy-based. Both are typically brushed on in a relatively thick coat. Goldline Brakes uses a polymer paint which is sprayed on as a very thin (.005") coating. All three can be had in a variety colors, even pink...haha:

          As for prices, Dave, the G2 kit runs about $40, and the Dupli-Color about $25, and I think each kit is enough to do both calipers and drums. John's painting process is a bit more involved than than just brushing or spraying some paint on the calipers, so I'd say call for a quote, as it depends on the condition of the calipers.