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Any traveling mini "know-it-all" mechanics ever around Everett?

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  • Any traveling mini "know-it-all" mechanics ever around Everett?

    Hi folks,

    So as the title states, I didn't know if there are any "amateur professionals" that ever work on someone else's mini, traveling to the mini, and being paid of course.

    The mini runs rich (the exhaust is really strong), and when it's under load (foot down) and still semi-cold, it smokes quite a bit. It actually runs fairly well, but am keeping him sidelined to prevent further problems.

    I'm pretty limited on the know how, but bought a ton of extra parts in which I thought might help. Vacuum pipes, sensor inlet temperature, oxygen sensor LAMBDA unit, and other crap. I'm hoping that I could look over that person's shoulder and figure some of this stuff out.

    I'm in the Mukilteo/Everett area and have a large insulated garage...that also might contain beer.